I speak on a wide range of subjects and regularly travel around the country for this purpose. A list of recent lecture titles and possible topics can be found below. I’m also happy to tailor my presentation to your audience and event.

To arrange for me to speak to your event, please contact me directly.

At present all my charity work—including speaking engagements at little or no cost—is being donated to the Catholic lay movement to which I belong, Communion and Liberation. This means that I must request an honorarium and all travel expenses.

Some Recent Lecture Titles

Christian Humanism and the Vocation of the Artist
The Walter and Darlene Hansen Lecture, Gordon College, 2015

The Cave and the Cathedral: Meaning-Making in the Dark
Circe Institute Conference, A Contemplation of Creation, 2012

The Cave and the Cathedral
This version given at the Center for Faith & Work, New York, 2016

Beauty: The Cinderella of the Transcendentals
Circe Institute Conference, 2015

Shouts of Whispers: A Journey Through Catholic Letters Today
The Cardinal Newman Lecture, 2014, Loyola University, Chicago, 2014

The Poor, Education, and the Arts
Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology Convocation, 2015

Conservatism and the Arts: A Lover’s Quarrel
Hillsdale College, Distinguished Alumnus Award Lecture, 2014

Ray Bradbury Lives Forever: Faith in the Stories of Ray Bradbury
Everett Community College, 2015

Why T.V. Has Fallen in Love with Literature
Everett Community College, 2013

Modernism Undone: T.S. Eliot’s Literary Revolution
Everett Community College, 2012


The Wound of Beauty
Washington Arts Group conference, “Jumping Out of the Self-Referential Box,” Washington, DC
Listen here.

Art: For Whose Sake?
Catholic Artists Society/Thomistic Institute, New York City
Listen here.

Looking for a Renaissance
Trinity Arts Conference, “For All the Saints,” Dallas, TX

Between Dogma and Doubt: Art and Incarnation
Theology on Tap, Vancouver, BC

Possible Lecture Topics

“The Erasmus Option: Christian Humanism as A Faith for All Seasons”

“Intruding Upon the Timeless: The Role of Imagination in the Life of Faith”

“Shouts and Whispers: Faith in Contemporary Fiction”

“Art, Faith, and the Stewardship of Culture”

“The Modern Catholic Novel and the Tragic Sense of Life”

“Grace Through Nature: An Introduction to Theological Aesthetics”

“The Company of Good Letters: How Erasmus and His Circle of Renaissance Humanists Shaped the Modern World”

“Ever Ancient, Ever New: Contemporary Visual Artists of Faith” (PowerPoint presentation)

“Masaccio and the Renaissance in Florence” (PowerPoint presentation)

The Religious Sense: Luigi Giussani and Communion & Liberation”

Some of the writers I enjoy speaking about:

St. Augustine • Dante • Shakespeare • Erasmus • Thomas More • Fyodor Dostoevsky • Gerard Manley Hopkins • G.K. Chesterton • T.S. Eliot • C.S. Lewis • Evelyn Waugh • Graham Greene • François Mauriac • Georges Bernanos • Simone Weil • Flannery O’Connor  • Walker Percy • Thomas Merton • Shusaku Endo • Cormac McCarthy • Geoffrey Hill • Annie Dillard