Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age

Culture wars and increasingly partisan conflicts have reduced public discourse to shouting matches between ideologues. But rather than merely bemoaning the vulgarity and sloganeering of this era, says acclaimed author and editor Gregory Wolfe, we should seek to enrich the language of civil discourse by drawing nourishment from the deepest sources of culture: art and religious faith. Beauty Will Save the Worldmakes a powerful case for the importance of beauty and imagination to cultural renewal, and offers a revealing introduction to the artists and thinkers who are the Christian humanists of the modern era.

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Bearing The Mystery : Twenty Years of IMAGE

In the two decades since it began publication, Image journal has not only emerged as one of North America’s  leading quarterlies, but has also carved out a unique identity as the source for contemporary art and literature that grapple with the perennial questions of religious faith. Bearing the Mysterybrings together in one handsome volume the best fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art from Image’s first twenty years — the work of nearly seventy writers and twenty visual artists (represented in sixteen glorious color plates). With a special introduction by founder and editor Gregory Wolfe that meditates on the journal’s mission, Bearing the Mystery is indeed a treasure-hoard.

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Intruding Upon the Timeless cover

Intruding Upon the Timeless

Originally published as the editorial statements at the beginning of each issue of Image, these short, evocative essays constitute a new Christian aesthetic for our time. Each of the meditations is like a polished gem: radiant, gracefully written, beautiful in itself, but also serving as a stimulus to further reflection. They remind us of the way that both faith and imagination reach beyond the limits of reason to intuit the mystery of redemption. The book is enhanced with the engravings of Barry Moser, one of America’s leading artist/illustrators.

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Malcom Muggeridge: A Biography cover

Malcom Muggeridge: A Biography

This biography chronicles the long, turbulent life of Malcolm Muggeridge, perhaps the most brilliant controversialist and media personality of his generation. Drawing from unpublished diaries, correspondence, interviews, and his prolific writings, Gregory Wolfe demonstrates the underlying unity—spiritual and intellectual—that runs through the many phases of Muggeridge’s career.

According to Wolfe, Muggeridge, like St. Augustine, endured a life-long conflict between flesh and spirit, deep involvement in the world and the need to withdraw from it. From his socialist upbringing under the influence of his father, H.T. Muggeridge, to his early years as a foreign correspondent in Cairo, Moscow, Calcutta, and Washington, to his stint as editor of Punch and meteoric career as a television personality, to his conversion to Christianity and, ultimately, Roman Catholicism, Muggeridge pursued the truth as a passionate pilgrim.

This biography argues that Malcolm Muggeridge was a prophetic scourge of the follies and fantasies of our time, one of the finest prose stylists of the twentieth century, and a defender of the Christian faith who deserves to take his place alongside G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis.

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The New Religious Humanists: A Reader cover

The New Religious Humanists: A Reader

Is there any hope that America can emerge from the divisive “culture wars” that have torn our social fabric and impoverished our public discourse? This is one of the burning questions of our time. The American public square is increasingly dominated by polarized forces that are bent on following their partisan agendas at all costs.

But in recent years a reaction to our cultural disintegration has set in; there have been an increasing number of calls for a return to “civility” and a new “politics of meaning.” Most of these responses, however, have been either vague or little more than repackaging of old political manifestoes.

Yet in The New Religious Humanists: A Reader, we find the work of religious intellectuals who have a compelling vision for cultural renewal. Wolfe argues that the only viable alternative to the old debates between Left and Right comes from one of the oldest strains of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Religious humanism, he notes, transcends ideology by striving to balance change and permanence, the individual and the community, human realities and divine imperatives, a tragic sensibility and authentic hope.

The New Religious Humanists calls attention to a wise and vital tradition that is too frequently drowned out by the babel of voices dominating politics today. The writers and topics gathered in this book offer a feast for the mind and heart, including personal narratives, meditations on the role of faith in public life, and reflections on environmentalism, abortion, biotechnology, and the arts. Here is a book that is sure to spark serious discussion among those who are seeking to address the pressing issues of our time.

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Sacred Passion: The Art of William Schickel

Sacred Passion surveys the life and career of William Schickel, one of the most distinguished, versatile, and spiritual artists at work in America today. For over four decades, Schickel has brought his deep personal faith and skills as an artist and designer to bear upon the needs of a variety of diverse communities. As is the case in most effective designs, Schickel’s works do not call attention to his own personality as artist; rather, they serve the larger needs of the community. Nonetheless, over the years he has pioneered a number of the most innovative conceptions in art and design. He has brought his imagination to bear on projects both sacred and secular. Now, at the height of his distinguished career, it is possible to survey and celebrate his achievements.

The second edition of Sacred Passion has been published by the University of Notre Dame Press. It has been nominated for the 2010 ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year Awards. Sacred Passion features over 250 stunning full-color photographs highlighting Schickel’s vast body of work, from painting and sculpture to architectural design and liturgical objects.

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Books That Build Character cover

Books That Build Character

Here is a family guide to classic novels, contemporary fiction, myths and legends, science fiction and fantasy, folktales, Bible stories, picture books, biographies, holiday stories, and many other books that celebrate virtues and values.
There are more than 300 titles to choose from, each featuring a dramatic story and memorable characters who explore moral ground and the difference between right and wrong. These books will capture your child’s imagination, and conscience as well-mischievous Max in Where the Wild Things Are, the troubled boys of Lord of the Flies, generous Mr. Badger in The Wind in the Willows, or the courageous struggles of such real-life characters as Frederick Douglass and Anne Frank.

With entries arranged by category and reading level, there is something here for all readers-from preschoolers to teenagers-whatever their tastes may be. Each entry features a complete plot summary and publisher information so that you can find the book with ease in your local library or bookstore. It’s not always easy to teach a child the difference between right and wrong, but stories can speak to children more eloquently than any list of dos or don’ts and can impart moral values as they nurture a child’s imagination.

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Bless This House: Prayer for Families and Children cover

Bless This House: Prayer for Families and Children

An excellent foundation for all families desiring to begin, renew, or deepen their spiritual journey together, Bless This Housefeatures dozens of prayers appropriate for both everyday and special events, including mealtimes, bedtime, holidays, and religious celebrations, as well as prayers for siblings, pets, and the ill or dying. With wisdom and practical advice, parents Gregory and Suzanne Wolfe provide helpful suggestions for introducing the concept of prayer to young minds and dealing with potential obstacles like boredom or short attention spans. Teaching our children to pray opens the door for their spiritual development, but just as importantly, it becomes a path to spiritual renewal for parents as well. Note: Bless This House is a condensed version of Circle of Grace, not a brand new book (see below).

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Circle of Grace cover

Circle of Grace

Prayer, it has been said, is the natural language of the heart. Indeed, surveys reveal that Americans overwhelmingly believe in the efficacy of prayer. Yet many parents feel uncertain about introducing their children to prayer because they themselves have forgotten—or never learned—how to pray. Consequently, their children too are kept in the dark, uncertain how to start, what to say. Circle of Grace gives parents the inspiration, confidence, and practical help they need to begin integrating prayer into the fabric of family life.

The authors answer such questions as: What is the best and most natural way to introduce your children to prayer? What if parents are of different faiths? What if your child resists this new family activity? Inside you’ll discover prayers of praise and petition; for bedtime, mealtime, and birthdays; for holy days and the seasons; for sickness, death, and times of special need; for family, friends, even pets. This book contains more than four hundred prayers from many faiths—as fresh and moving today as when they were first uttered.

Praying with your children not only passes on a precious gift but also can become a source of spiritual renewal for parents—a chance to rejoin the pilgrim’s path. With wisdom and common sense, Circle of Grace sets us on our way.

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Climb High, Climb Far cover

Climb High, Climb Far

This wonderful collection of quotations, parables, and stories brings together words of wisdom and guidance that have shaped societies from ancient times to the present. Organized in chapters covering every aspect of our lives–from friendship and family to work, service, and the environment–the passages include insights from writers and sources ranging from Confucius and The Talmud to Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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