God on the Rocks

In which I talk about baseball with writer, River Jordan

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Forefront Festival

Live from the 2022 Catholic Imagination Conference in Dallas, TX, Nate Mancini and Rich Christman interview Gregory Wolfe.

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Center for Lit

A conversation with the extended Andrews family about beauty and mystery.
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Catholic Creatives Podcast
A conversation with Anthony D’Ambrosio of the Catholic Creatives organization.



The Wound of Beauty

An address about the relationship between goodness, truth, and beauty delivered at the 2007 Washington Arts Group’s conference, “Jumping Out of the Self-Referential Box.”

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Faith & Reason
A conversation with Dr. John Pinheiro on his Faith & Reason radio program.

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The Dick Staub Interview
A widely reprinted and linked-to interview, conducted by Dick Staub.

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The Kindlings Muse: “Irreligious Seattle and the Spiritual Book Craze” 
The first in a series of programs recorded live at Hale’s Ales Brewery Pub in Fremont, a neighborhood of Seattle. Hosted by Dick Staub.

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Listen to the first segment here. Move on to the segments on the Kindlings Muse site.

The Kindlings Muse: “Word, Image and the Neil Postman Problem”
Another of Dick Staub’s programs, this time based on the famous book by Neil Postman entitled Amusing Ourselves to Death, about the impact of media, particularly television, on public discourse and culture in general. To hear the first segment click on link below. Move on to the segments on the Kindlings Muse site.

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Praising Nobody: Art and Egalitarianism”
A talk given at the 2003 Richard M. Weaver Award ceremony. The award was given to philosopher and cultural critic Roger Scruton that year. This talk engages Scruton’s thought.

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