A short presentation on the arts and education (how tradition and innovation relate to each other).

An interview about Frederick Buechner, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Full-length interview with the folks at Wipf & Stock Publishers, who publish my literary imprint, Slant Books, and my book, The Operation of Grace.

April, 2016, Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing

Spurred by the Promise of Happiness: An Onstage interview with Christian Wiman

New York Encounter, January 2016

Talks & Lectures

Christian Humanism and the Vocation of the Artist
The Walter and Darlene Hansen Lecture, Gordon College, 2015

The Cave and the Cathedral: Meaning-Making in the Dark
Circe Institute Conference, A Contemplation of Creation, 2012

The Cave and the Cathedral
This version given at the Center for Faith & Work, New York, 2016

Beauty: The Cinderella of the Transcendentals
Circe Institute Conference, 2015

Shouts of Whispers: A Journey Through Catholic Letters Today
The Cardinal Newman Lecture, 2014, Loyola University, Chicago, 2014

The Poor, Education, and the Arts
Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology Convocation, 2015

Conservatism and the Arts: A Lover’s Quarrel
Hillsdale College, Distinguished Alumnus Award Lecture, 2014

Ray Bradbury Lives Forever: Faith in the Stories of Ray Bradbury
Everett Community College, 2015

Why T.V. Has Fallen in Love with Literature
Everett Community College, 2013

Modernism Undone: T.S. Eliot’s Literary Revolution
Everett Community College, 2012