Interview on Cormac McCarthy’s Sunset Limited with the Cultural Center of Milan, Italy (Italian & English)

2023 New York Encounter: Why Do I Have This Yearning with Christopher Beha & Ron Hansen

2022 Catholic Imagination Conference: Cormac McCarthy & the Tragic Sense of Life (starting around 28:00)

2022 Catholic Imagination Conference: Panel on Editing (starting around 28:00)

“I cannot say ‘I’ if I do not say ‘you’” | Panel with Phil Klay, Margarita Mooney Suarez, & Rowan Williams | New York Encounter 2022

Dante’s Purgatorio, Canto 30, from the 100 Days of Dante Project

Book Launch Event for “Shakeshafte & Other Plays” by Rowan Williams

An edited transcript of this interview with Rowan Williams was posted at Church Life Journal.

Dante’s Purgatorio, Canto 14, from the 100 Days of Dante Project

Book presentation: Lorenzo Albacete’s The Relevance of the Stars, sponsored by New York Encounter 2021.

Q&A about Publishing, Creative Writing, and related subjects! From the Festival of Friendship put on by my friends at Revolution of Tenderness.

The Erasmus Option, a talk I gave at Eastern University.

A short presentation on the arts and education (how tradition and innovation relate to each other).

An interview about Frederick Buechner, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Beauty Will Save the World, a Q&A with Anthony D’Ambrosio of Catholic Creatives.

Spurred by the Promise of Happiness: An Onstage interview with Christian Wiman

New York Encounter, January 2016

Panel Discussion on Faith & the Arts with Over the Rhine, Erin McGraw, & Andrew Hudgins, 2014

A Discussion on Faith and the Arts – YouTube

Talks & Lectures

Christian Humanism and the Vocation of the Artist
The Walter and Darlene Hansen Lecture, Gordon College, 2015

The Cave and the Cathedral: Meaning-Making in the Dark
Circe Institute Conference, A Contemplation of Creation, 2012

The Cave and the Cathedral
This version given at the Center for Faith & Work, New York, 2016

Beauty: The Cinderella of the Transcendentals
Circe Institute Conference, 2015

Shouts and Whispers: A Journey Through Catholic Letters Today
The Cardinal Newman Lecture, 2014, Loyola University, Chicago, 2014

The Poor, Education, and the Arts
Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology Convocation, 2015

Conservatism and the Arts: A Lover’s Quarrel
Hillsdale College, Distinguished Alumnus Award Lecture, 2014

Ray Bradbury Lives Forever: Faith in the Stories of Ray Bradbury
Everett Community College, 2015

Why T.V. Has Fallen in Love with Literature
Everett Community College, 2013

Modernism Undone: T.S. Eliot’s Literary Revolution
Everett Community College, 2012