Slant Books

Slant is an indie, literary press that I launched in 2013.

“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”
―Italo Calvino

“There is, I think, no more nutritive or suggestive truth…than that of the perfect dependence of the “moral” sense of a work of art on the amount of felt life concerned in producing it. The question comes back thus, obviously, to the kind and the degree of the artist’s prime sensibility, which is the soil out of which his subject springs.
―Henry James

Slant publishes fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, philosophy, and belles lettres. Slant books are marked by the kind of meticulous craft and passion for language that are harder and harder to come by in our age of instant publishing and literary gimmickry. These are books that will lodge themselves in readers’ lives.

Visit the Slant Books website here.

For more about the vision behind Slant, read editor Gregory Wolfe’s blog post, “Sounding Together.”